Joanne M Youngblut

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Assessment of the rewards of caregiving is pertinent to a holistic view of the caregiving experience and design of health promotion interventions for caregivers. Few measures of caregiver positive appraisals exist. This paper describes the development and pilot testing of the Picot Caregiver Rewards Scale (PCRS) for adult caregivers. Derived from the choice(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine prenatal, maternal, and infant outcomes and costs through 1 year after delivery using a model of prenatal care for women at high risk of delivering low-birth-weight infants in which half of the prenatal care was provided in women's homes by nurse specialists with master's degrees. STUDY DESIGN Randomized clinical trial. PATIENTS AND(More)
Causal modeling is a widely used technique for specifying a system of relationships among theoretical constructs. However, there are cautions or limitations that must be considered with this technique. Consumers of research that uses causal modeling techniques must evaluate the model testing results on several levels before using the findings in future(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe child behaviors and level of family functioning after discharge from the pediatric ICU (PICU) and to begin to explore the relationship of family reactions and the child's severity of illness to child and family outcomes after discharge. DESIGN Exploratory, repeated measures: Time 1 (T1) at 24 hours after admission; Time 2 (T2) at 2(More)
PURPOSE To describe patient problems and APN interventions in each of five clinical trials and to establish links among patient problems, APN interventions, APN time and number of contacts, patient outcomes, and health care costs. DESIGN AND METHODS Analysis of 333 interaction logs created by APNs during five randomized controlled trials: (a) very low(More)
The Spiritual Coping Strategies (SCS) Scale measures how frequently religious and nonreligious (spiritual) coping strategies are used to cope with a stressful experience. This study's purpose is to evaluate the psychometric properties of the newly translated Spanish version of the SCS. A total of 51 bilingual adults completed the SCS in Spanish and English,(More)
OBJECTIVES Our objectives were, first, to compare mothers' and fathers' early reactions (stressors, concerns) to the preschool child's head injury, their perceptions of the child's injury severity, and their social support and mental health; second, to compare families with a child in the pediatric intensive care unit (PICU) vs. general care unit (GCU) on(More)
The purpose of this study was to compare health problems and advanced practice nursing (APN) interventions in two types of APN care provided to 41 childbearing women with diabetes. The study's design involved content analysis of interaction logs containing the process of APN care during two clinical trials: 1) APN care was added to physician care (n = 22);(More)
PURPOSE To describe the development, testing, modification, and results of the Quality Cost Model of Advanced Practice Nurses (APNs) Transitional Care on patient outcomes and health care costs in the United States over 22 years, and to delineate what has been learned for nursing education, practice, and further research. ORGANIZING CONSTRUCT The Quality(More)
PURPOSE Examine parents' concerns about subsequent pregnancies after experiencing an infant or child death (newborn to 18 years). DATA SOURCES Thirty-nine semistructured parent (white, black, Hispanic) interviews 7 and 13 months post infant/child death conducted in English and/or Spanish, audio-recorded, transcribed, and content analyzed. Mothers' mean(More)