Joanne M. Ratcliffe

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We describe the successful use of methadone in the restoration of sedation and provision of analgesia in two morphine-tolerant, paediatric patients who had suffered significant thermal injuries and were undergoing mechanical ventilation. Both patients had exhibited escalating requirements for sedative drugs while undergoing ventilation yet remained(More)
To examine whether long term occupational exposure to ethylene dibromide (EDB) affects semen quality a cross sectional study of semen quality was conducted among 46 men employed in the papaya fumigation industry in Hawaii, with an average duration of exposure of five years and a geometric mean breathing zone exposure to airborne EDB of 88 ppb (eight hour(More)
Several studies have reported an association between deviant behaviour and cortisol reactivity to stress. However, relatively few studies have investigated the relationship between psychobiological stress reactivity and sexual risk-taking behaviours. In this study, cortisol reactivity to the Trier Social Stress Test (TSST) was measured in 26 healthy young(More)
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