Joanne M Lewis

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BACKGROUND A range of health outcomes at a population level are related to differences in levels of social disadvantage. Understanding the impact of any such differences in palliative care is important. The aim of this study was to assess, by level of socio-economic disadvantage, referral patterns to specialist palliative care and proximity to inpatient(More)
BACKGROUND Lower socioeconomic populations live and die in contexts that render them vulnerable to poorer health and wellbeing. Contexts of care at the end of life are overwhelmingly determined by the capacity and nature of formal and informal networks and relations to support care. To date, studies exploring the nature of networks and relations of support(More)
BACKGROUND Older recently widowed women are faced with increased health risks and chronic conditions associated not only with bereavement, but also, older age. Loss and grief, adjusting to living alone, decreased income, and managing multiple chronic conditions can impact on older women's ability to transition following recent spousal bereavement. Providing(More)
The impact of deliberate reflection with WISE-MDTM modules on critical thinking of nurse practitioner students: A prospective, randomized controlled pilot study" (2016). Graduate School of Nursing Publications and Presentations. 52. (2016). The impact of deliberate reflection with WISE-MDTM modules on critical thinking of nurse practitioner students: A(More)
Background: Medication error is the most common adverse event for hospitalised children and can lead to significant harm. Despite decades of research and implementation of a number of initiatives, the error rates continue to rise, particularly those associated with administration. Objectives: The objective of this literature review is to explore the factors(More)
BACKGROUND The feminisation of ageing and increasing number of widowed women in contemporary society has significant implications. Older women are at risk of poor health, social, and economic outcomes upon widowhood. The aim of the study was to describe women's experiences in the period soon after their husbands' death, including their financial issues and(More)
We report the case of a 13-year old with a radiological diagnosis of relapsed medulloblastoma. Eighteen months after the last course of palliative chemotherapy MRI showed radiological resolution. The lesions were retrospectively assumed to be a radiation effect, highlighting the potential benefits of biopsy to confirm presumed radiological recurrence.
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