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Cyclotriphosphazenes have been functionalized with various oxo-groups at one of the ring phosphorus atoms. Starting from geminal dichlorides (A) which are equipped with amino groups at the other two phosphorus atoms {(Z'(2)P)(2)N(3)PCl(2) (Z' = NHCy) and (Z''P)(2)N(3)PCl(2) (Z'' = {EtN(C(3)H(6))NEt}), respectively}, phosphate (B), pyrophosphate (C),(More)
The cyclotriphosphazene P(3)N(3)Cl(6) reacts with six equivalents of DMAP (4-(dimethylamino)pyridine) in superheated chloroform to form crystals of composition [P(3)N(3)(DMAP)(6)]Cl(6).19CHCl(3) comprising [P(3)N(3)(DMAP)(6)](6+) ions, which host five chloride ions in basket-type cavities on either side of the ring and at equatorial positions via(More)
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