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BACKGROUND Establishing the effectiveness of patient decision aids (PtDA) requires evidence that PtDAs improve the quality of the decision-making process and the quality of the choice made, or decision quality. The aim of this paper is to review the theoretical and empirical evidence for PtDA effectiveness and discuss emerging practical and research issues(More)
PURPOSE To describe implementation of the UK Quality Indicator Project (UK QIP) in the independent health care sector, drawing upon 10 years experience in the UK and approaching 20 years experience in the USA. We describe the history of the project, with an emphasis on recent developments, reflecting upon the critical features of the project and its value(More)
BACKGROUND This review systematically appraises the quality of reporting of measures used in trials to evaluate the effectiveness of patient decision aids (PtDAs) and presents recommendations for minimum reporting standards. METHODS We reviewed measures of decision quality and decision process in 86 randomized controlled trials (RCTs) from the 2011(More)
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