Joanne L Ryan

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The Smad family of intracellular signaling intermediates transduce signals downstream from the transforming growth factor beta (TGF-beta) family of receptor serine threonine kinases. The original member of this family, Smad1, has been shown to mediate signals from receptors for the bone morphogenetic proteins (BMPs), a large group of ligands in the TGF-beta(More)
The Wnt and Notch signaling pathways are both abnormally activated in colorectal cancer (CRC). We recently showed that progastrin depletion inhibited Wnt signaling and increased goblet cell differentiation of CRC cells. Here, we show that progastrin down-regulation restores the expression by CRC cells of the early secretory lineage marker Math-1/Hath-1 due(More)
The expression pattern of tight junction (TJ) proteins is frequently disrupted in epithelial tumors. In particular, isoform- and organ-specific alterations of claudins have been detected in human cancers, highlighting them as interesting tools for the prognosis or treatment of various carcinomas. However, the molecular mechanisms responsible for these(More)
BACKGROUND & AIMS Aberrant activation of the beta-catenin/Tcf-4 transcriptional complex represents an initiating event for colorectal carcinogenesis, shifting the balance from differentiation toward proliferation in colonic crypts. Here, we assessed whether endogenous progastrin, encoded by a target gene of this complex, was in turn able to regulate(More)
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