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OBJECTIVE To compare the clinical effectiveness of larval therapy with a standard debridement technique (hydrogel) for sloughy or necrotic leg ulcers. DESIGN Pragmatic, three armed randomised controlled trial. SETTING Community nurse led services, hospital wards, and hospital outpatient leg ulcer clinics in urban and rural settings, United Kingdom. (More)
A patient with chronic moderate neutropenia, acute hemolysis, and pyrexia was found to be infected with a novel hemoplasma species. A clinical response to doxycyline was noted, and moxifloxacin was added subsequently to aid infection clearance. This represents the first report of hemolysis in association with confirmed hemoplasma infection in a human.
In the fast pacing world, it has becomes essential to so many gadgets that humans should take their effort to understand and use them. One such device is an Electronic Nose (E-Nose). There is still a long voyage ahead before artificial Electronic nose is developed completely. This work is a commendation for refining and enhancing current detection(More)
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