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15. The distribution of the 64 trinucleotides was computed for the megaplasmid and the two chromosomes. The compositions of the megaplasmid and chromosome II were compared with the ␹ 2 test, with each other, and with similarly sized samples of chromosome I chosen uniformly at random. These tests indicate that all three elements have significantly different(More)
Membranes play a crucial role in cellular functions. Membranes provide a physical barrier, control the trafficking of substances entering and leaving the cell, and are a major determinant of cellular ultra-structure. In addition, components embedded within the membrane participate in cell signaling, energy transduction, and other critical cellular(More)
The human genome-scale metabolic reconstruction details all known metabolic reactions occurring in humans, and thereby holds substantial promise for studying complex diseases and phenotypes. Capturing the whole human metabolic reconstruction is an on-going task and since the last community effort generated a consensus reconstruction, several updates have(More)
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