Joanne Inverso

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We have cloned and analysed a gene from the insect parasite, Crithidia fasciculata, with homology to the gp63 metalloendoproteinase gene of Leishmania. The Crithidia gene homologue is arranged as a multicopy family comprised of approximately 7 genes. The mature transcript is 4.0 kb. The predicted amino acid sequence has significant homology with Leishmania(More)
The Trypanosoma cruzi insect stage-specific antigen GP72 was purified from epimastigotes and the amino acid sequences of peptide fragments determined. Oligonucleotides derived from these data were used to amplify and clone a cDNA sequence, which was used to isolate a full-length gene. All the sequenced peptides were encoded within the gene. The(More)
Trypomastigotes of Trypanosoma cruzi were impermeable to exogenous radiolabeled ATP for up to 2 h at 4 degrees C. Radioligand binding assays in the cold showed that trypomastigotes had two populations of saturable ATP receptors (ATP-Rs) and the radioligand interaction was reversed by nonlabeled ATP in concentration-dependent assays. The Kds of high- and(More)
Extracorporeal photopheresis (ECP) is approvedfor treatment of cutaneous, T-cell lymphoma. Evidencesuggests that ECP can induce an immune response againsttumor antigens expressed by malignant T lymphocytes. We theorized that if HCV-infected PBMCs expressviral antigens, ECP could demonstrate antiviral activityby eliciting an immune response against these(More)
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