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The microbiology and the feasibility of a new, single-stage, reactor for completely autotrophic ammonia removal were investigated. The reactor was started anoxically after inoculation with biomass from a reactor performing anaerobic ammonia oxidation (Anammox). Subsequently, oxygen was supplied to the reactor and a nitrifying population developed. Oxygen(More)
Bilinguals rarely produce words in an unintended language. However, we induced such intrusion errors (e.g., saying el instead of he) in 32 Spanish-English bilinguals who read aloud single-language (English or Spanish) and mixed-language (haphazard mix of English and Spanish) paragraphs with English or Spanish word order. These bilinguals produced language(More)
PURPOSE To quantify the internal free surface in various resin cements and glass-ionomer-based materials. MATERIALS AND METHODS Materials tested were Nexus fluid (NXF) and viscous (NXV), Vitremer (VTM), Fuji II LC (FII), Vitremer Luting Cement (VLC), Dyract (DYR) and Compoglass (COM). Samples (n=5) were made of each material between two microscopic glass(More)
This paper presents a new mathematical model for Autothermal Thermophilic Aerobic Digesters. The reactor has been modelled as two completely mixed volumes to separately predict the behaviour of the liquid and gaseous phases as well as the interrelation between them. The model includes biochemical transformations based on the standard Activated Sludge Models(More)
This paper presents a new mathematical model developed to reproduce the performance of a generic sludge digester working either under aerobic or anaerobic operational conditions. The digester has been modelled as two completely mixed tanks associated with gaseous and liquid volumes. The conversion model has been developed based on a plant wide modelling(More)
This paper presents a new mathematical model for the anaerobic hybrid reactor (AHR) (a UASB reactor and an anaerobic filter in series) and its experimental calibration and verification. The model includes a biochemical part and a mass transport one, which considers the AHR as two contact reactors in series. The anaerobic process transformations are(More)
The shot peen forming is a cold work deformation process consisting of treating the surface of a work piece with a stream of round shots (usually made of steel) with high enough energy to deform plastically the surface. This plastic deformation causes compressive residual stresses under the surface that are able to create a curvature on the component. This(More)
We present a fast sequential assimilation technique for conditioning wave simulations using buoy data. It is based on non-stationary kriging that uses a separable space-time variogram. This variogram is estimated from the history of simulations, as a collection of maps of variances of increments between the logarithms of simulated and observed wave heights.(More)
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