Joanne Gomes

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In the previous correspondence we introduced a binary double error correcting long code (8 2 5), for 100% data correction. This paper evaluates the BER performance of UWB system using (8 2 5) code over UWB (SV) channel for image transmission. The simulation results presented here uses BPSK, as well as 2-dimensional Hermite pulse modulation. Image to be(More)
Recently digital forensics has become a prominent activity in crime investigation since computers are increasingly used as tools to commit crimes. During forensic investigation the digital devices such as desktops, notebooks, smart phones etc. found at the crime scene are collected for further investigation. Investigators have to go through humongous amount(More)
The paper presents a novel, simple, long and systematic binary code (13 3 7) to correct triple errors. This code is novel in a sense that it performs 100% data correction and gives BER performance close to Shannon limit to achieve energy efficient communication in wireless networks. By 100% data correction we mean that when three data bits are transmitted(More)
This paper is concerned with error performance analysis of multidimensional orthogonal modulation technique using Hermite pulses over UWB S-V channel model. Multidimensional modulation technique uses N number of orthogonal shapes to transmit N information bits simultaneously in one bit interval. This improves the data transmission rate and hence is useful(More)
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