Joanne Gillespie

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Purposes of this investigation were to compare smoke constituent exposure (CO and nicotine boosts) and smoking topography parameters between black and white women, and between women regularly using menthol or nonmenthol cigarettes. A two-factor factorial design with a sample of 37 women stratified by race and menthol or nonmenthol cigarette use was(More)
Nicotine dependence is a complex phenomenon involving behavioral, biological, and pharmacological components that influence smoking cessation rates. The purpose of this study was to characterize the multidimensional aspects of nicotine dependence and cigarette smoking topography behaviors among Black and White women smokers. Thirty-seven women participated(More)
Children's declarative memories of medical procedures can influence their responses to subsequent events. No previous study has examined the accuracy of children's declarative memories after surgery. We tested the memory of 34 anesthesia-naïve five- to nine-year-old children undergoing ambulatory surgery for accuracy of contextual details, pain, and fear(More)
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