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Cutaneous melanoma has been classified into three distinct histological subtypes based on histopathological and clinical features. The incidence of the least common type, lentigo maligna melanoma, has been most strongly associated with chronic sunlight exposure as its cause, especially lesions presenting on the face area. The relationship of sunlight(More)
The descriptive epidemiologic findings were summarized on 1,109 patients (white, black, and Hispanic) under 20 years of age who were diagnosed with Hodgkin's disease as reported to the Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results ("SEER") Program of the National Cancer Institute from 1973 to 1982. Across all ethnic strata, incidence rates increased with(More)
Primary care physicians are uniquely positioned to practice primary and secondary cancer prevention. However, despite a positive commitment, many physicians are pessimistic about the success of their interventions. This study describes the self-reported cancer prevention practices and perceived obstacles of 1600 Texas primary care physicians. These(More)
There is biologic and histogenetic plausibility for an association between salivary gland cancer and nonmelanoma skin cancer. To add further credence to this association, a descriptive epidemiologic study of salivary gland cancer incidence data from the Surveillance Epidemiology and End Results (SEER) program from 1973 to 1981 was undertaken. The objective(More)
Descriptive epidemiological findings for 7,696 patients with newly diagnosed thyroid cancer reported to the Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results (SEER) program for the years 1973 through 1981 are summarized. The preponderance of this tumor in women and of the papillary histologic subtype are well documented. The data suggest that previously reported(More)
OBJECTIVE This study was undertaken to investigate the feasibility of transmural capillary ingrowth into the inner surface of biosynthetic vascular prostheses (Omniflow, BioNova, Melbourne, Australia) through perforations created by an excimer laser, thus inducing an endothelial cell coverage. METHOD Biosynthetic vascular prostheses (Omniflow, 10 cm(More)
BACKGROUND This study was conducted to investigate the impact of the preservation method of bioprosthetic heart valve materials on calcification rates and biocompatibility of the biologic tissue. METHODS In subcutaneous rat implants, conventionally preserved bioprosthetic heart valve material was compared with bovine pericardium that was treated with(More)
Analyses were made of the marital status of 3,346 patients with the diagnosis of testicular cancer. Among whites, blacks, and Puerto Rico Hispanics, the risk was greater among single than married men. Among whites and both Puerto Rico and New Mexico Hispanic groups, the elevated risk was apparent for histologic types other than seminoma. Among single white(More)
This is a descriptive epidemiologic report based on over 3000 incident testicular cancer cases occurring among residents of the US and Puerto Rico, as reported to the Surveillance, Epidemiology and End Results (SEER) program of the National Cancer Institute for the years 1973 through 1982. White men had significantly higher incidence rates than their New(More)
Using the data base for melanoma incidence compiled by the Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results (SEER) Program of the National Cancer Institute, we compared the incidence and anatomic distribution of primary cutaneous melanomas in Hispanic and non-Hispanic Caucasian populations and in blacks between 1973 and 1981. Cases were divided into United(More)