Joanne E. Hughes

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Microarray expression analysis has become one of the most widely used functional genomics tools. Efficient application of this technique requires the development of robust and reproducible protocols. We have optimized all aspects of the process, including PCR amplification of target cDNA clones, microarray printing, probe labeling and hybridization, and(More)
The root of the water fern Azolla is a compact higher-plant organ, advantageous for studies of cell division, cell differentiation, and morphogenesis. The cell complement of A. filiculoides Lam. and A. pinnata R.Br. roots is described, and the lineages of the cell types, all derived ultimately from a tetrahedral apical cell, are characterised in terms of(More)
Lactobacillus helveticus CNRZ32 is used by the dairy industry to modulate cheese flavor. The compilation of a draft genome sequence for this strain allowed us to identify and completely sequence 168 genes potentially important for the growth of this organism in milk or for cheese flavor development. The primary aim of this study was to investigate the(More)
DNA sequences responsible for the development and maintenance of symbiotic nitrogen fixation have been identified and isolated from Rhizobium trifolii. Symbiotically-defective strains were generated by random mutagenesis with the transposon Tn5. The defective genes which give rise to the mutant phenotype have been cloned into bacterial plasmids and used as(More)
Lactic acid is an important industrial chemical commonly produced through microbial fermentation. The efficiency of acid extraction is increased at or below the acid’s pKa (pH 3.86), so there is interest in factors that allow for a reduced fermentation pH. We explored the role of cyclopropane synthase (Cfa) and polysorbate (Tween) 80 on acid production and(More)
Complexes of microtubules, vesicles, and (to varying degrees) dense matrix material around the microtubules were seen along the edges of cells in root apices of Azolla pinnata R.Br. (viewing the cells as polyhedra with faces, vertices and edges). They are best developed after cytokinesis has been completed, when the daughter cells are reinstating their(More)
Pre-prophase bands of microtubules were found in every category of cell division, symmetrical and asymmetrical, in the cell lineages of the root apex of Azolla pinnata R.Br. and A. filiculoides Lam., and in the transverse divisions in the cell files of the roots. They are also found in the asymmetrical cell division that gives rise to trichoblasts in roots(More)
Genes encoding three putative endopeptidases were identified from a draft-quality genome sequence of Lactobacillus helveticus CNRZ32 and designated pepO3, pepF, and pepE2. The ability of cell extracts from Escherichia coli DH5alpha derivatives expressing CNRZ32 endopeptidases PepE, PepE2, PepF, PepO, PepO2, and PepO3 to hydrolyze the model bitter peptides,(More)
All of the plasmid-carried genes expressed during vegetative growth are essential for long-term maintenance of plasmid Ddp1 in the nucleus of Dictyostelium discoideum. Deletion of Ddp1 genes expressed only during development had no detectable effect on plasmid maintenance. Deletion of vegetatively expressed genes, either singly or in pairs, resulted in (i)(More)