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Health policy plays a crucial role in community care, particularly within care programs such as ComPacks. ComPacks is a short-term care program administered by New South Wales (NSW) department of health which runs for up to 6-weeks and its goal is to prevent or minimise hospital readmission. Compliance to the ComPacks health policies is required in order to(More)
Current methods for analysing and understanding concepts of policy suggest a general focus on singular elements of the policy environment. By breaking down these policy elements into individual elements for analysis can potentially compromise level of understanding of the policy environment as a whole as other influencing factors are often disregarded or(More)
With the ageing of our society and the increasing pressure on health and aged care services, the need for technological solutions to help older people stay in their own home for as long as possible is becoming increasingly important. To create information and communications technology (ICT) that will fit with the way older people live their lives and wish(More)
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