Joanne Curry

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BACKGROUND Respiratory alarm monitoring and rapid response team alerts on hospital general floors are based on detection of simple numeric threshold breaches. Although some uncontrolled observation trials in select patient populations have been encouraging, randomized controlled trials suggest that this simplistic approach may not reduce the unexpected(More)
We used natural abundance stable isotope techniques to estimate carbon and nitrogen turnover rates in body tissue and mucus of earthworms. Isotope ratios of carbon (delta(13)C) and nitrogen (delta(15)N) were monitored simultaneously in body tissue and mucus for up to 101 days in feeding or fasting Lumbricus festivus kept in an artificial substrate. When the(More)
Approximately forty million surgeries take place annually in the United States, many of them requiring overnight or lengthier post operative stays in the over five thousand hospitals that comprise our acute healthcare system. Leading up to this Century, it was common for most hospitalized patients and their families to believe that being surrounded by(More)
A causal model of turnover, or quitting, among hospital nursing department employees was evaluated. This model includes job satisfaction, organizational commitment, and intent to leave as intervening variables that mediate 13 determinants of turnover. The sample consisted of 841 female nursing department employees selected from five hospitals in a western(More)
Protein kinase C (PKC) can be activated by interaction with filamentous actin (F-actin) in the absence of membrane lipids (S.J. Slater, S.K. Milano, B.A. Stagliano, K.J. Gergich, J.P. Curry, F.J. Taddeo and C.D. Stubbs, Biochemistry 39 (2000) 271-280). Here, the effects of ethanol on the F-actin-induced activities of a panel of PKC isoforms consisting of(More)
Recently published data from a sample of Bogotá, Colombia public housing residents show that apartment dwellers, but not house dwellers, reduced their fertility in a tight housing market. We propose that the utility-cost theory of fertility accounts for this finding, and, using this theory, we predict that (a) apartment residents will not decrease their(More)
The mechanism of activation of protein kinase C isoforms by filamentous actin (F-actin) was investigated with respect to isozyme specificity and phorbol ester and Ca(2+) dependencies. It was found that the "conventional" (cPKC), alpha, betaI, betaII, and gamma, "novel" (nPKC) delta and epsilon, and "atypical" (aPKC) zeta isoforms were each activated by(More)
Health policy plays a crucial role in community care, particularly within care programs such as ComPacks. ComPacks is a short-term care program administered by New South Wales (NSW) department of health which runs for up to 6-weeks and its goal is to prevent or minimise hospital readmission. Compliance to the ComPacks health policies is required in order to(More)
UNLABELLED The purpose of this study was to determine if rates of telemetry events differ between patients whose monitoring is appropriately "indicated" versus "not indicated" by systematically applying rigorous criteria for appropriateness of electrocardiogram (ECG) telemetry usage. We performed a retrospective cohort study on 1097 telemetry admissions(More)