Joanne Camp

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This paper reviews recent literature concerning a wide range of processes through which climate change could potentially impact global-scale agricultural productivity, and presents projections of changes in relevant meteorological, hydrological and plant physiological quantities from a climate model ensemble to illustrate key areas of uncertainty. Few(More)
This paper details the construction of a sub-nanosecond pulse generator capable of delivering 250 kV into a high impedance load. The pulse width is approximately 600ps with a voltage rise of up to 1 MV/ns. The pulse rise-time can be adjusted by manipulation of a peaking gap, whereas the pulse-width can be changed by adjusting a novel tail-cut switch located(More)
Focusing Impulse Radiating Antennas allow the application of intense electric fields to biological tissue with centimeter spatial resolution. At low electric field strength, the scattered electromagnetic waves from the focal volume can be used to obtain information on the complex permittivity of the tissue at this location. Since the permittivity of tumor(More)
Note: There is no complete solution provided for this exercise. Most areas are still actively being researched. Instead, a number of relevant research papers are listed here for references. Some interesting areas include: 1. Routing layer: In MANET, each node is a router. The main problem in MANET is to construct and maintain a multi-hop route between the(More)
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