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In summary, the present studies indicate the presence of both functional and structural abnormalities in the postobstructed kidney involving mitochondrial integrity and deranged intermediary metabolism. It is suggested that some of these metabolic changes may account in part for the functional abnormalities observed in vivo.
The rate of change of the serum creatinine concentrations in 63 patients with chronic progressive renal disease of varied etiology was examined by linear regression analysis using the logarithm or the reciprocal of the serum creatinine concentration versus time. A single straight line was described by one or the other of these relationships in 53 patients.(More)
Human polymorphonuclear leukocyte (PMN) elastase has been implicated in various pathological conditions. However, its physiological role remains undefined. One possible function of this enzyme may be digestion of bacterial proteins after phagocytosis. To test this hypothesis, we prepared Escherichia coli labeled with [3H]arginine and treated these bacteria(More)
We studied angiographically the access route 1-27 months after the insertion temporary dialysis catheters in 52 patients: 32 subclavian and 20 internal jugular. The two groups were statistically similar with respect to age, sex and race. The subclavian catheters were left in for a mean of 11.5 days (2-22) while the internal jugular ones were inserted for(More)
Large accumulations of postsynthetically oxidized proteins are observed in the aged and cataractous eye lens. Ascorbate has previously been used to delay photooxidative damage in vitro. The goals of this study were to confirm that dietary ascorbate can be used to enhance lens ascorbate levels and to determine if lenses with enhanced ascorbate can better(More)
The liver has been shown to remove parathyroid hormone (PTH) from its arterial circulation by a mechanism that is selective for the intact form of the peptide (PTH 1-84). The present studies demonstrate that PTH has biologic effects on the liver in vivo. Bovine PTH 1-84 stimulated hepatic glucose release in dogs with indwelling hepatic vein catheters from(More)
Using exogenous 125I-ubiquitin, ubiquitin-lens protein conjugation was observed with supernatants of cultured rabbit lens epithelial cells and lens cortex tissue. Conjugation was ATP-dependent with the greatest variety and amount of conjugates larger than 150 kDa. In vivo production of ubiquitin-protein conjugates in cultured rabbit and beef lens epithelial(More)
Previous studies from this laboratory demonstrated that secondary hyperparathyroidism in dogs with chronic renal disease may occur, at least in part, as a consequence of the need for progressive adaptation in renal phosphorus (P) excretion that occurs as glomerular filtration rate falls. However, the studies were of relatively short duration. Moreover, no(More)