Joanne Blight

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Fatigue is reported by advanced cancer patients to be their most prevalent and distressing symptom. Despite this, few interventions have been developed and tested to manage this debilitating symptom. This paper describes a pilot study undertaken to test the effects of a 28-day exercise intervention on levels of fatigue in advanced cancer patients. All(More)
After pain management, poor communication with health professionals creates the most distress for families of patients with cancer. Difficulties communicating with families also have been identified as potentially stressful for nurses. This is particularly the case for nurses working in acute care settings. However, little research has been undertaken to(More)
Because nosocomial infection rates vary by hospital area and service, most infection control programs calculate area-specific rates to augment the reporting of their hospital-wide data. Rate development is often limited by the availability of appropriate specific denominator data to support important comparisons. Our university hospital reports a 20 month(More)
Digital data from 3-D treatment planning computers is generally used for patient planning and then never considered again. However, such data contains enormous quantities of information regarding patient geometries, tissue outlining, treatment approaches and dose distributions. Were such data accessible from planning systems from multiple manufacturers,(More)
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