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Three jet events arising from decays of the Z bo-son, collected by the DELPHI detector, were used to measure differences in quark and gluon fragmentation. Gluon jets were anti-tagged by identifying b quark jets. Unbiased quark jets came from events with two jets plus one photon. Quark and gluon jet properties in different energy ranges were compared for the(More)
Models of the slow phase portion of postrotatory nystagmus in the adult include time constants which describe primary and secondary nystagmus. The cupular time constant (T1) is believed to reflect the activity of the cupula of the semicircular canal, while the adaptation time constant (Ta) defines the rate of change of the baseline firing rate. Values for(More)
A model of cardiac microstructure and diffusion MRI is presented, and compared with experimental data from ex vivo rat hearts. The model includes a simplified representation of individual cells, with physiologically correct cell size and orientation, as well as intra- to extracellular volume ratio. Diffusion MRI is simulated using a Monte Carlo model and(More)
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