Joanne Armstead

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Aspergillus spp. can lead to allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis (ABPA), Aspergillus sensitisation and Aspergillus bronchitis in CF. The relative frequencies of these entities have recently been ascertained in a large UK adult CF cohort. We have used this data to estimate the burden of aspergillosis and ABPA cases in adult CF patients in 30 countries(More)
This paper reports an analysis of the measures taken at Preterm, Inc, of Washington, DC, to reduce the incidence of complications of first trimester outpatient abortions. Data are presented on the 291 complications (40.0/1000) resulting from 7272 procedures performed during 1976. Forty-one women were hospitalized (5.6/1000). It has been our experience that(More)
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