Joanna Ziembicki

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Emerging service-oriented architectures are pushing towards on-demand and ‘‘on the fly’’ composition of applications and business processes. In order to support service composition, the underlying infrastructure must provide a facility for on-demand discovery of services and service components. Discovery becomes challenging when services span heterogenous(More)
With the increasing need for networked applications and distributed resource sharing, there is a strong incentive for an open large-scale service infrastructure operating over multi-domain and multi-technology networks. Service discovery, as an essential support function of such an infrastructure, is a crucial research challenge today. Cross-domain service(More)
Author's Declaration for Electronic Submission of a Thesis I hereby declare that I am the sole author of this thesis. This is a true copy of the thesis, including any required final revisions, as accepted by my examiners. I understand that my thesis may be made electronically available to the public. iii Abstract This thesis presents a framework for(More)
This presentation will outline our groundwork in designing a naming scheme for a cross-domain, Internetscale service discovery framework. We will present a critical look at a sample of existing approaches in naming of services and resources and we will compare them against each other based on what we identify as relevant criteria. Finally, we will present(More)
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