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Defence and Promotion of Desired State Identity in Russia’s Strategic Narrative
ABSTRACT This article examines how the Russian state promotes and protects its preferred self-identity, using the conceptual framework of ‘strategic narrative’. Nation branding practices, includingExpand
The Power and Limits of Russia’s Strategic Narrative in Ukraine: The Role of Linkage
Governments project strategic narratives about international affairs, hoping thereby to shape the perceptions and behaviour of foreign audiences. If individuals encounter incompatible narrativesExpand
Dominant Narratives in Russian Political and Media Discourse during the Ukraine Crisis
The Russian leadership views mass communication as a crucial arena of global politics, in which rival powers work to undermine each other and further their own interests at others’ expense. TheExpand
The media battles of Ukraine's EuroMaidan
In November 2013, mass protests broke out in Ukraine when President Yanukovych chose not to sign a planned Association Agreement with the European Union. Kyiv’s Maidan Nezalezhnosti (IndependenceExpand
Russia and the News Media in Ukraine
The mass media are closely associated with the concept of “soft power.” In Russia, as in the West, politicians believe that favorable foreign media coverage can facilitate their foreign policyExpand
Nothing Is True? The Credibility of News and Conflicting Narratives during “Information War” in Ukraine
In international politics, the strategic narratives of different governments compete for public attention and support. The Russian government’s narrative has prompted western concern due to fearsExpand
News Consumption and Anti-Western Narratives in Russia: A Case Study of University Students
Abstract This essay investigates the relationship between habits of news consumption and geographical imaginations in Russia. It uses results from a survey of students at a Moscow university toExpand
Popular Geopolitics in Russia and Post-Soviet Eastern Europe
POPULAR GEOPOLITICS REFERS TO A SUBFIELD OF HUMAN GEOGRAPHY concerned with peoples’ perceptions of different parts of the world and how those perceptions are (re)produced in popular culture. ItExpand
News media repertoires and strategic narrative reception: A paradox of dis/belief in authoritarian Russia
A qualitative study of the motivations and habits underlying news media repertoires among a group of digitally connected university students in authoritarian Russia. Expand