Joanna Syska-Sumińska

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Assessment of thromboembolic risk is crucial for proper management of atrial fibrillation (AF) patients. Currently used risk score base only on scarce clinical data and do not take into consideration parameters including echocardiographic findings. The aim of this study was to evaluate if left atrium (LA) enlargement is associated with higher thromboembolic(More)
We present a case report of a 60-year-old woman with a long history of leiomyosarcoma in different locations. She was admitted to the clinic due to a left ventricular tumor diagnosed in ECHO examination. The patient was qualified for radical tumor resection. The early postoperative period was complicated due to low cardiac output syndrome and(More)
BACKGROUND Sexual dysfunctions, especially erectile dysfunction (ED), are a major problem in cardiovascular patients. They are caused by cardiovascular risk factors including low-grade inflammation process, endothelial dysfunction, oxidative stress, and hemodynamic and vascular alterations. The same mechanisms are some of the main causes and/or consequences(More)
Peripartum cardiomyopathy is a type of dilatated cardiomyopathy, occuring with symptoms of heart failure (HF) during last month of pregnancy or within 5 months after labour. Authors are presenting the case of patient admitted to hospital primary with diagnosis of non-high risk pulmonary embolism 6 weeks after delivery, who developed episode of sudden(More)
The aim of this study was to evaluate changes in men's sexual function after percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty (PTCA) treatment for acute myocardial infarction (MI). Sixty men aged 18-70 years old were included in the study. All patients had acute MI and underwent PTCA. They underwent two post PCTA visits: 3 days and between 4 and 6 months(More)
Deep upper limbs veins thrombosis is a relatively rare condition in comparison to the lower limbs thrombosis. Most commonly occurs as a complication of major veins catheterisation. It may also be caused by stenosis of axillar or subclavian veins due to neoplastic infiltration, enlarged lymph nodes or congenital thrombophilia. The Paget-von Schrötter(More)
A 41-year-old man with no concomitant chronic diseases, an amateur cyclist and runner, was admitted because of ventricular fibrillation preceded by chest pain which took place on a 32 km marathon mountain bike race. After a fourth defibrillation performed by medical emergency services, sinus rhythm was restored and ST-elevations in anterior and lateral(More)
A 25-year-old woman, gravida 2, para 1, without any previous medical history was admitted to the hospital because of the signs and symptoms of fetal distress. After a caesarean section the woman developed an acute heart failure. Echocardiography demonstrated massive vegetations attached to aortic and mitral valves with their destruction. Surgical treatment(More)
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