Joanna Stempczynska

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Complications were described in two patients with non Hodgkins lymphoma (large cell anaplastic lymphoma and histiocytoma malignum) after completion of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Both patients died. In one of them it was established at autopsy that the cause of death was ARDS, while in the second case it was the clinical course which suggested the same(More)
The paper presents a concept of an experimental module designed to recognise spoken utterances that cover a limited range of words indispensable in dialogues with computer medical systems. Research into the recognition of spoken words by a module based on artificial neural network is described. Usefulness of the obtained results for surgery-assisting(More)
The paper presents a description of a system that exploits possibilities offered by WWW and assists postgraduate education of physicians preparing for examinations in their medical specialisation. The system, which is a modification of the educational oncological system ONCOL1 designed earlier by the authors, is constructed so as to operate within the(More)
The paper presents a concept of an educational system for medical students designed to help them learn taking case history and diagnosing oncological patients. The system is a modification of the SYMULPA system worked out by the authors and implemented and tested at the Chemotherapy Clinic of the Medical Academy of Lódź. The main changes lie in the(More)
Nine 44- to 67-year-old patients with inflammatory breast carcinoma were treated over 2 weeks with intratumoral injections of Propionibacterium granulosum KP-45 (KP). This period of immunotherapy was succeeded by four courses of chemoimmunotherapy (FAC: 5-fluorouracil, adriamycin, and cyclophosphamide + intratumoral KP). Inflammatory symptoms disappeared in(More)