Joanna Soszynska-Budny

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A semi-Markov model of a system operation process is proposed and its selected parameters are determined. A series–parallel multi-state system is considered and its reliability and risk characteristics are found. Next, the joint model of the system operation process and the system multi-state reliability and risk is constructed. Finally, the asymptotic(More)
In the paper a general model of a critical infrastructure system with variable operation process is presented. The critical infrastructure system safety structure and the system components' safety parameters are changing dependently at the various operation states. The general safety model for this system and the linear programming are applied to optimize(More)
The semi-Markov models is used to describe the complex systems operation processes. This model allows to tie the results of investigations of critical infrastructures inside-dependences together with the results concerned with critical infrastructures outside-dependencies. Linking of the inside and outside complex systems dependencies, under the assumed(More)
Considering factors such as economic costs and lives, an unreliable transportation system is more likely to cause severe consequences. Therefore, reliability optimization of transportation systems has attracted much attention over the past several decades. The traditional reliability optimization design is usually focused on redundancy allocation or(More)
The joint general model of reliability of complex technical systems at variable operation conditions linking a semi-markov modeling of the system operation processes with a multistate approach to system reliability analysis and linear programming are applied in maritime transport to reliability and risk optimization of a bulk cargo transportation system.
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