Joanna Soin

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Disruption of the Golgi by brefeldin A (BFA) has been reported to block fast axonal transport and axonal growth. We used compartmented cultures of rat sympathetic neurons to investigate its effects on slow axonal transport. BFA (1 micro g/ml) applied to cell bodies/proximal axons for 6-20 h disrupted the Golgi, reversibly blocked axonal growth, and(More)
Transplant arteriosclerosis is characterized by inflammation and intimal thickening caused by accumulation of smooth muscle cells (SMCs) both from donor and recipient. We assessed the relationship between clinical factors and the presence of host-derived SMCs in 124 myocardial biopsies from 26 consecutive patients who received hearts from opposite-sex(More)
BACKGROUND Cytomegalovirus (CMV) infection has been associated with accelerated transplant vasculopathy. In this study, we assessed the effects of acute rat CMV (RCMV) infection on vessel remodeling in transplant vasculopathy, focusing on allograft morphology, inflammation and contribution of adventitial cells to intimal hyperplasia. METHODS Infrarenal(More)
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