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Avian astroviruses (aAstVs) are divided into three species, Avastrovirus 1, Avastrovirus 2, and Avastrovirus 3, but there are a few strains are waiting to be assigned to an official taxonomic group. This study presents the molecular characterization of chicken astrovirus (CAstV), PL/G059/2014, which is involved in the induction of “white chicks” condition.(More)
Chicken astrovirus (CAstV) was recently indicated as the factor of the "white chicks" condition associated not only with increased embryo/chick mortality but also with weakness and white plumage of hatched chicks. In February 2014, organ samples (livers and kidneys) from dead-in-shell embryos, as well as 1-day-old whitish and normal chicks, were delivered(More)
Infectious bronchitis virus (IBV) is a worldwide prevalent RNA virus that causes highly contagious and economically devastating disease in chicken. The virus exists in many different genetic forms which made the disease control very difficult. The present study describes the development and validation of TaqMan probe-based real-time reverse(More)
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