Joanna R. Hall

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Nearly all research on camouflage has investigated its effectiveness for concealing stationary objects. However, animals have to move, and patterns that only work when the subject is static will heavily constrain behaviour. We investigated the effects of different camouflages on the three stages of predation-detection, identification and capture-in a(More)
Static high contrast ('dazzle') patterns, such as zigzags, have been shown to reduce the perceived speed of an object. It has not escaped our notice that this effect has possible military applications and here we report a series of experiments on humans, designed to establish whether dynamic dazzle patterns can cause distortions of perceived speed(More)
A new method for the analysis and display of the effect of emissions controls on visibility is applied to conditions in southern California. An advanced mechanistic air quality model that represents airborne particles as a source-oriented external mixture first is used to track emissions source contributions to the size distribution and chemical composition(More)
Electron collection at the anodes of large{area silicon drift detectors was studied with STAR2 prototypes. Results of measurements of anode leakage currents, signal dependence on focusing voltages, anode uniformity, and model simulations are reported. A design of the anode region is presented. The design optimization is discussed.
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