Joanna Pyczek

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Pluripotent stem cells have the therapeutic potential in future regenerative medicine applications. Therefore, it is highly important to understand the molecular mechanisms governing the pluripotency and differentiation potential of these cells. Our current knowledge of pluripotent cells is largely limited owing to the candidate gene/protein approach rather(More)
Overview: In driving hES cell technology towards widespread applications considerable effort has been focused on the improvement of culture conditions and on enabling efficient differentiation. We have established two technologies which will better enable researchers to achieve these aims. The use of feeder based protocols for the creation, expansion and(More)
Hedgehog (HH) signaling is known to be essential during the embryonal development of the pituitary gland but the knowledge about its role in the adult pituitary and in associated tumors is sparse. In this report we investigated the effect of excess Hh signaling activation in murine pituitary explants and analyzed the HH signaling status of human(More)
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