Joanna N. Israel

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A ganglioneuroblastoma developed in a 35-month-old boy with both the fetal hydantoin and fetal alcohol syndromes. Our case, plus two recent reports in the literature, would very likely establish the relationship between fetal hydantoin syndrome and the development of neural crest tumors. Infants exposed in utero to hydantoins should be closely observed for(More)
Seventy-four families of probands with oculoauriculovertebral anomaly were evaluated, including 116 parents and 195 offspring. Relatives were examined to identify ear malformations, mandibular anomalies, and other craniofacial abnormalities. For segregation analysis using POINTER, selection of the sample was consistent with single ascertainment. Different(More)
Sacral agenesis can no longer be considered an uncommon disorder. The condition occurs often enough that the clinician should be alert to any signs that may suggest its presence in a newborn. This disease is frequently associated with other anomalies, especially those of musculoskeletal, GU and GI systems. Diagnosis--early diagnosis--is the key to(More)
Telomeres are important for maintaining the integrity of the genome through the action of the shelterin complex. Previous studies indicted that the length of the telomere did not have an effect on the amount of the shelterin subunits; however, those experiments were performed using immortalized cells with stable telomere lengths. The interest of the present(More)
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