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Three new species of the Andean genus Myrosmodes are described: Myrosmodes cleefi Szlach., Mytnik and S. Nowak, Myrosmodes reticulata Szlach., Mytnik and S. Nowak, and Myrosmodes subnivalis Szlach., Mytnik and S. Nowak. The former two species are known from a single population each, from Columbia, and the latter from Columbia and Ecuador. Each species is(More)
Three plastid regions, matK, rpl32-trnL and rpl16 intron and the ITS1-5.8S-ITS2 nuclear ribosomal DNA were used to demonstrate a phylogenetic placement of the genus Hederorkis (Orchidaceae) for the first time. The taxonomic position of this genus has been unclear thus far. The phylogenetic and morphological relations of Hederorkis to the most closely(More)
The morphological study of the herbarium material representing Epistephium (Orchidaceae, Vanilloideae) led to the discovery of two groups of specimens that significantly differ from all known species of the genus. The results of literature data study and of comparative analysis of those and other specimens suggest that these collections represent new taxa(More)
Polystachya section Superpositae is a group of montane and submontane African epiphytes with thirteen species (including the newly described in this paper). During a scientific expedition to Bamenda Highland, Cameroon a new species, Polystachya bamendae, was found and it is described here. The new entity was compared with 398 herbarium specimens(More)
Since the description of the Neotropical genus Vargasiella in 1952, its taxonomic position has remained unclear, mainly due to a lack of sufficient data. In this study, the taxonomic position of Vargasiella was revised based on the outcomes of macro- and micromorphological studies, analyses of selected molecular markers and ecological methods of niche(More)
Eight new species of the genus Gomphichis from Colombia are described. Each species is illustrated, and detailed habitat and distribution data are provided. A distribution map of the new species is presented. A dichotomous key for determination of the Gomphichis species in northern South America is provided. Conservation status assessments are provided for(More)
Two new species of Polystachya Hook. are described and illustrated: Polystachya rydingii Baranow & Mytnik occurring from the Democratic Republic of Congo and P. sosefii Baranow & Mytnik from Cameroon. The species belong to the section Polystachya Kraenzl., which is the only pantropical section in the genus. Maps of the distribution for the new species and(More)
In Asia, three species of Polystachya (Orchidaceae) are recognized, based on detailed morphological studies. They occur in southern Asia, from Tamil Nadu State in southern India and Yunnan Province in southeastern China to Sumbawa Island in southern Indonesia. As circumscribed here, two Asiatic species are endemic to southern India apart from P. concreta,(More)
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