Joanna Maria Cichocka

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Rosmarinus officinalis L. leaf as part of a diet and medication can be a valuable proposal for the prevention and treatment of dementia. The aim of the study was to assess the effects of subchronic (28-fold) administration of a plant extract (RE) (200 mg/kg, p.o.) on behavioral and cognitive responses of rats linked with acetylcholinesterase (AChE) and(More)
This study presents the parasitical relationships between the leech Piscicola respirans and European grayling Thymallus thymallus. It determines leech invasion intensity and extensity as well as describes the preferences of fin selection by the parasite as a place to attach and feed. It also shows the significance of fin selection by the leech in the(More)
There has been very few papers on leeches of Batracobdella algira. The aim of the presently reported study was to provide the measurements and, for the first time, description and characteristics of the reproductive and digestive systems of B. algira. The material used in this study was collected from frogs, Rana saharica Boulenger, 1913, in April 1987 by(More)
The body form of leeches, which becomes a modeling object, is a valid ectosomatic feature. It describes borders, in which, we can find internal organs of an individual. The range of realization of the body form, proposed for different groups of leeches, characterize their life spaces. These life spaces are distinct in term of position of body of leeches to(More)
For the first time, Piscicola brylinskae was described from Lake Vechten in the village of Bunnik, near Utrecht — The Netherlands. Until now, P. brylinskae has been found in Poland in Lake Maróz and in the Łyna River near Olsztyn (the northern part of Warmian-Masurian voivodeship). Thanks to proper conservation the coloration of P. brylinskae was described(More)
Arnica sp. infusions and tinctures play a great role in the traditional and contemporary medicine. Seeds of plantation-grown Arnica montana l. (aM) and Arnica chamissonis var. foliosa less. (ac) are a good source of bioactive compounds such as phenolic acids and flavonoids. in both studied genera higher levels of phenolic acids and flavonoids were detected(More)
Emys orbicularis is receding from Europe, mainly due to anthropogenic habitat changes. Its parasite, Placobdella costata, is widely distributed within both the former and the present distribution range of the host. Though closely associated with the mud turtle, it may have other hosts (birds, amphibians, reptiles). Its reproductive period coincides with(More)
The majority of studies on leeches are related to: internal and external morphology. Fewer molecular research projects focus on molecular studies and karyology. The latter are needed to explain the evolutionary and systematic issues. Karyotypes for 22 species of Hirudinida have hitherto been determined, including: 8 species belonging to the Glossiphoniidae(More)
OBJECTIVE Evaluation of the influence of the standardized extract from the herb of Epilobium angustifolium on ERalpha and ERbeta mRNA expression in rat ventral prostate tissue and free serum estradiol level. MATERIALS AND METHODS Rats were divided into 6 groups with 10 animals. ERalpha and ERbeta mRNA expression in rat ventral prostate tissue level was(More)
Batracobdelloides moogi, the species representing the afroasiatic genus, is very poorly known for its biology and anatomy. This species was described on the basis of a small group of samples from south-western Europe. This study presents a morphological analysis and description of the structure of the alimentary tract and reproductive system. Biometry and(More)