Joanna Madej

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OBJECTIVE To determine the correct size for an individually tailored neourethra. The urethra to be reconstructed should be a continuation of the native, proximal urethra in both size and structure. Similarly to anorectal malformations, the normal urethra terminates where the normal healthy structure disappears, that is at the division of the corpus(More)
It has been well documented that experimental hypomagnesemia in rodents evokes, as an early consequence, an inflammatory response. This also leads to the activation of cells producing reactive species of oxygen and, as a result, to the oxidative damage of tissues. Several studies have shown that lungs might be a specific target of Mg deficiency. Here, we(More)
In the present study we evaluated the antitumour effect of genistein alone, cyclophosphamide alone and as a combined therapy with both agents in mice transplanted with B16F-10 melanoma and Lewis lung cancer cells. The influence of the route of inoculation of the tumour cells on the antitumour and antimetastatic effects of these therapeutics was evaluated.(More)
Genistein has been shown to be an inhibitor of tumor growth as well in vitro as in vivo. In addition to its antitumor effect, genistein reveals the antimetastatic and antiangiogenic properties. In this paper we described the results of our studies on the antimetastatic activity of genistein alone or combined with cyclophosphamide (CY) in mice which before(More)
Several lines of evidence indicate that sialosyl Le(a), tumor-associated carbohydrate antigen present on human colon carcinoma cells, is involved in formation of metastases. To study the role of this carbohydrate structure in development of metastases, we have used the clone of human colon carcinoma CX-1 cells transfected with antisense expression vector(More)
Twenty-eight canine mammary tubulopapillary carcinomas and 14 simple adenomas were studied by immunohistochemistry for the expressions of the tumor-associated carbohydrate antigens. Sialyl Le(a) was detected in 71.42% of the malignant and 92.84% of the benign tumors. Staining with anti-T and anti-Tn monoclonal antibodies revealed that 85.70% of the(More)
In our previous studies we have found that human uroepithelial cell lines differ in their expression of sialosyl LewisA antigen. We have also shown that among the studied cell lines, only Hu 1703He cells with the highest expression of this tetrasaccharide bind to E-selectin-expressing cells. In the present study we put forward the question, of whether(More)
A case of carcinoma in situ with the beginning of invasion is presented. In contradistinction to the changes characteristic of such cases, in this case branching vessels completely typical of a normal transformation zone were found. This suggests only adaptive vascular hypertrophy without vascular neoplasia, in spite of the cancerous changes in the(More)