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Low serum 25 hydroxyvitamin D3 (vitamin D3) is known to perturb cellular function in many tissues, including the endocrine pancreas, which are involved in obesity and type II diabetes mellitus (TIIDM). Vitamin D3 insufficiency has been linked to obesity, whether obesity is assessed by body mass index (BMI) or waist circumference (waist). Central obesity,(More)
OBJECTIVES The aim of this project was to evaluate the perceptions, knowledge and attitudes regarding generic medicines. METHODS A cross-sectional study, with self administered questionnaires, was conducted to survey consumers visiting pharmacies in four regions of Auckland (North Shore, Waitakere, Central Auckland and South Auckland). Through stratified(More)
A nationwide strategy to control a group B meningococcal disease epidemic in New Zealand using an epidemic strain-specific vaccine (MeNZB ) commenced in 2004. In the absence of randomised controlled trials investigating the efficacy of this particular vaccine, a complement of observational methods are planned to evaluate the post-licensure effectiveness of(More)
BACKGROUND This study aimed to better understand the causes and treatments of mucoid discharge associated with prosthetic eye wear by reviewing the literature and surveying anophthalmic patients. METHODS An anonymous questionnaire was completed by 429 prosthetic eye wearers who used visual analog scales to self-measure their discharge experience for four(More)
Epidemics of serogroup B meningococcal disease are rare. Strain-specific outer membrane vesicle vaccines, which are not marketed, are the only current tool for control. A correlate of protection is ill defined, but published data suggest that measured serum bactericidal antibody levels parallel efficacy. Even infants can mount a strain-specific antibody(More)
The Protein Leverage Hypothesis (PLH) predicts that humans prioritize protein when regulating food intake. We tested a central prediction of PLH: protein intake will remain more constant than fat or carbohydrate in the face of dietary changes in a free-living population. Data come from a large sample of adult Filipino women participating in the Cebu(More)
BACKGROUND Generic medicines are commonly used in New Zealand; however, Pharmaceutical Management Agency of New Zealand (PHARMAC) has indicated a need for better information to the public. Studies on consumers' perceptions suggest that pharmacists play an important role in consumers' choice; hence, "quality use of generic medicines" can be promoted with a(More)
BACKGROUND Cancer cachexia is a syndrome of progressive weight loss. Non-small cell lung cancer patients experience a high incidence of cachexia of 61%. Research into methods to combat cancer cachexia in various tumour sites has recently progressed to the combination of agents.The combination of the anti-cachectic agent Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and the(More)
BACKGROUND New Zealand has experienced an epidemic of Neisseria meningitidis dominated by strain B:4:P1.7b,4 since 1991. Children younger than 5 years are at highest risk. Previous serogroup B outer membrane vesicle (OMV) strain specific vaccines have shown variable efficacy in this age group. OBJECTIVE To evaluate the immunogenicity, reactogenicity and(More)