Joanna M Robinson

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BACKGROUND A simple, once-weekly dosing regimen could be a convenient alternative for many patients during long-term treatment of depression. Such a strategy might also be effective for improving medication compliance and the outcome of continuation treatment. The safety and effectiveness of a new formulation of enteric-coated fluoxetine (90 mg) given once(More)
Subjects with panic disorder (N = 23) were randomized into a crossover design involving diazepam, placebo, relaxation therapy, or control. Anxiety was measured by a 3-day hourly diary, psychological tests, and assessment of heart rate and skin conductance level during baseline, stress test, and interview. The greatest and only significant physiologic(More)
The emotion-based domains of impulsivity, positive and negative urgency, are facets that have garnered attention due to their associations with substance use, and mindfulness based strategies have shown promise in reducing substance use in adults. The aim of the current study was to examine relations among urgency, mindfulness, and substance use in(More)
BACKGROUND A new formulation of enteric-coated fluoxetine given once weekly could be a useful option for the long-term treatment of depression, but compliance to once-weekly fluoxetine treatment has not been assessed. METHOD Patients were adults from the United Kingdom who had responded to fluoxetine treatment for a current episode of depression (DSM-IV(More)
We empirically examine the impact of firm-level strategic investment choices on post-issue operating performance and survival of initial public offerings (IPOs). The relationship between variables associated with strategic investment choices and the probability of occurrence and timing of post-IPO failure is modeled using the Cox Proportional Hazard Model.(More)
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