Joanna M. Owens

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Macrophage colony-stimulating factor (M-CSF) is known to play an important role in osteoclast formation. However, its actions on mature cells have not been fully characterized. We now report that M-CSF dramatically stimulates osteoclastic motility and spreading; osteoclasts responded to a gradient of M-CSF with orientation, and random cell polarization(More)
BACKGROUND Citizen science, scientific research conducted by non-specialists, has the potential to facilitate biomedical research using available large-scale data, however validating the results is challenging. The Cell Slider is a citizen science project that intends to share images from tumors with the general public, enabling them to score tumor markers(More)
Photovoltaic light trapping theory and experiment do not always clearly demonstrate how much useful optical absorption is enhanced, as opposed to parasitic absorption that cannot improve efficiencies. In this work, we develop a flexible flux plane method for capturing these parasitic losses within finite-difference time-domain simulations, which was applied(More)
It is believed that parathyroid hormone (PTH) increases the resorptive activity of pre-existing osteoclasts through a primary interaction with cells of the osteoblastic lineage. Much less is known, however, of the mechanisms by which PTH induces osteoclast formation. It is known that osteoclast formation occurs through a contact-dependent interaction(More)
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