Joanna M. Mercado

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Zinc deficiency is known to result in epithelial barrier leak in the GI tract. Precise effects of zinc on epithelial tight junctions (TJs) are only beginning to be described and understood. Along with nutritional regimens like methionine-restriction and compounds such as berberine, quercetin, indole, glutamine and rapamycin, zinc has the potential to(More)
The micronutrients zinc, quercetin, butyrate, indole and berberine were evaluated for their ability to induce remodeling of epithelial tight junctions (TJs) and enhance barrier integrity in the CACO-2 gastrointestinal epithelial cell culture model. All five of these chemically very diverse micronutrients increased transepithelial electrical resistance (Rt)(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS Earlier work by our group and others has documented improvement of epithelial barrier function in human gastrointestinal models. Here we tested zinc's ability to improve a renal epithelial model. Our aim was to compare the functional and structural effects of zinc on the tight junctional (TJ) complexes of these two very distinct(More)
Amid an increasing number of reports in the literature concerning epithelial barrier enhancement by various nutrient compounds, there has never been a study performing side-by-side comparisons of these agents in a single epithelial model. We compare five nutrient compounds (previously reported in various epithelial models to enhance barrier function)(More)
Ulcerative colitis (UC) is associated with defects in colonic epithelial barriers as well as inflammation of the colon mucosa resulting from the recruitment of lymphocytes and neutrophils in the lamina propria. Patients afflicted with UC are at increased risk of colorectal cancer. Currently, UC management employs general anti-inflammatory strategies(More)
BACKGROUND Delivery of a pharmacologically effective drug dosage to a target tissue is critical. Barrett's epithelia are a unique challenge for drug delivery of orally administered zinc due to rapid transit down the esophageal lumen, incomplete absorptive differentiation of these epithelia, and the use of proton-pump inhibitor drugs abrogating intestinal(More)
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