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Studies have indicated that oligodendrocytes in the spinal cord originate from a ventral progenitor domain defined by expression of the oligodendrocyte-determining bHLH proteins Olig1 and Olig2. Here, we provide evidence that progenitors in the dorsal spinal cord and hindbrain also produce oligodendrocytes and that the specification of these cells may(More)
BACKGROUND Evolutionarily conserved sequences within or adjoining orthologous genes often serve as critical cis-regulatory regions. Recent studies have identified long, non-coding genomic regions that are perfectly conserved between human and mouse, termed ultra-conserved regions (UCRs). Here, we focus on UCRs that cluster around genes involved in early(More)
A technique to measure the radiated acoustic intensity and transmission loss of panels is documented in this paper. This facility has been upgraded to include a test fixture that scans the acoustic intensity radiated from a panel on the anechoic receiving room side of the transmission loss window. The acoustic intensity incident on the panel from the(More)
The subgenus Ceratochloa of the genus Bromus includes a number of closely related allopolyploid forms or species that present a difficult taxonomic problem. The present work combines data concerning chromosome length, heterochromatin distribution and nuclear genome size of different 6x, 8x and 12x accessions in this subgenus. Special attention is paid to(More)
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