Joanna M Hildreth

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OBJECTIVE-To determine the spatiotemporal gait characteristics and associated covariates of clinically normal dogs and dogs with spinal cord disease. ANIMALS-42 clinically normal dogs and 24 dogs with myelopathy at spinal cord segment T3-L3. PROCEDURES-Gait was analyzed for velocity, stride length, stride time, stance time, and swing time and compared(More)
Inhibition of calcium-evoked [3H]ACh release by different classes of calcium channel blockers was compared among calcium-naive synaptosomes from chick, frog and rat forebrain tissues. In all three species, [3H]ACh release was insensitive to nifedipine (0.03-3 microM) but was completely inhibited by cadmium (IC50 range = 0.7-1.7 microM) or cobalt (190-350(More)
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