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Elevated concentration of homocysteine (Hcy) in human tissues, definied as hyperhomocysteinemia has been correlated with some diseases, such as cardiovascular, neurodegenerative, and kidney disorders. Homocysteine occurs in human blood plasma in several forms, including the most reactive one, the homocysteine thiolactone (HTL) - a cyclic thioester, which(More)
The protective effects of resveratrol (3, 4', 5-trihydroxystilbene; present naturally in different plants) against the oxidative/nitrative damage of human plasma proteins induced by peroxynitrite (ONOO-) were studied and compared with those of deferoxamine (DFO; a natural siderophore isolated from Streptomyces pilosus), which is a typical and well-known(More)
Numerous plants (including clovers) have been widely used in folk medicine for the treatment of different disorders. This in vitro study was designed to examine the antioxidative effects of the clovamide-rich fraction, obtained from aerial parts of Trifolium pallidum, in the protection of blood platelets and plasma against the nitrative and oxidative(More)
Based on previous studies suggesting that fibrinogen (Fg) might be a potential target for peroxynitrite (PN) action in plasma, we investigated the effects of PN on structure and hemostatic function of Fg in vitro. Using fluorescence and spectrophotometric methods, we estimated that about 0.5, 2 and 8 tyrosine residues per molecule were nitrated following(More)
The antioxidative activity of the polysaccharide extract from Conyza canadensis in blood platelets treated with peroxynitrite (ONOO-) was studied. Peroxynitrite as a strong biological oxidant has toxic effects on blood platelets and induces the oxidation of thiols, carbonylation and nitration of platelet proteins and lipid peroxidation. Therefore, the aim(More)
OBJECTIVE L-Carnitine as a dietary supplement has been reported to have a beneficial effect on several cardiovascular risk parameters and exercise capacity, but the biological relevance of its activity is poorly understood. Dietary supplements (including L-carnitine) are often used to foster exercise performance; however, these may affect some pathways of(More)
Industry applications mainly use linear PID algorithms might deliver an insufficient performance dealing with nonlinear operating systems. A fuzzy PID controller results in a nonlinear control surface which can be adjusted to a controlled plant by rule based modification, non-linear membership function application and inference rule selection. The tuning(More)
The present in vitro study was designed to estimate the antioxidative activity of curcumin in the protection of human blood platelets and plasma against peroxynitrite (ONOO(-))-induced oxidative stress. The effects of curcumin (12.5-50 µg/ml) on ONOO(-)-induced damage of proteins and lipids were determined by the estimation of protein carbonyl groups,(More)