Joanna Karbowska-Chilinska

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This paper proposes an effective genetic algorithm (GA) with inserting as well as removing mutation so as to solve the Orienteering Problem (OP). In order to obtain improved results we have taken into consideration not only the total profit but also the travel length for the given path. The computer experiments that have been conducted on a large transport(More)
Abstract. The Orienteering Problem with Time Windows (OPTW) is a well-known routing problem in which a given positive profit and time interval are associated with each location. The solution to the OPTW finds a route comprising a subset of the locations, with a fixed limit on length or travel time, that maximises the cumulative score of the locations(More)
The Orienteering Problem with Time Windows (OPTW) is an optimisation NP-hard problem. This paper proposes a hybrid genetic algorithm (GAPR) for approximating a solution to the OPTW. Instead of the usual crossover we use a path relinking (PR) strategy as a form of intensification solution. This approach generates a new solution by exploring trajectories(More)
In this paper computations of iterative probabilistic programs with continuous time parameter are investigated. The main goal is to propose a new method of determining the average time of probabilistic programs computations. Programs with continuous time parameter are considered as finite Markov processes. Therefore in the first method we use the popular(More)
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