Joanna J Smith

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We prepared robust free-standing 200 microm-thick colloidal membranes (nanofrits) with a relatively large area and no mechanical defects by sintering silica colloidal films. The silica spheres used to prepare the nanofrits were 338, 300, or 251 nm in diameter, leading to 25, 22.5, and 19 nm nanopore sizes, respectively. The room-temperature diffusional flux(More)
The surface of self-assembled nanoporous silica colloidal crystalline films comprised of 184-nm-diameter silica spheres has been sulfonated using 1,3-propanesultone. The transport of ions through the sulfonated films has been studied using cyclic voltammetry in water as a function of ion charge, pH, and solution ionic strength. We found that the flux of(More)
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