Joanna Horabin

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PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to examine the effect of high and low glycemic index (GI) carbohydrate (CHO) pre-exercise meals on endurance running capacity. METHODS Eight active subjects (five male and three female) ran on a treadmill at approximately 70% VO2max to exhaustion on two occasions separated by 7 d. Three hours before the run after an(More)
Bacterial infections after lung transplantation cause airway epithelial injury and are associated with an increased risk of developing bronchiolitis obliterans syndrome. The damaged epithelium is a source of alarmins that activate the innate immune system, yet their ability to activate fibroblasts in the development of bronchiolitis obliterans syndrome has(More)
Arthrofibrosis is a fibroproliferative disease characterised by excessive deposition of extracellular matrix components intra-articularly leading to pain and restricted range of movement. Although frequently observed following total knee arthroplasty (TKA) no therapeutic options exist. A pilot study demonstrated that intra-articular injection of Anakinra,(More)
Total knee arthroplasty (TKA) is one of the most successful orthopaedic procedures that alleviates pain and restores function in patients with degenerative knee joint diseases. Arthrofibrosis, abnormal scarring in which dense fibrous tissue prevents normal range of motion, develops in ~3-10% of TKA patients. No prophylactic intervention is available and(More)
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