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CONTEXT Although chronic Helicobacter pylori infection is associated with gastric cancer, the effect of H pylori treatment on prevention of gastric cancer development in chronic carriers is unknown. OBJECTIVE To determine whether treatment of H pylori infection reduces the incidence of gastric cancer. DESIGN, SETTING, AND PARTICIPANTS Prospective,(More)
The existing work on via-stapling in 3D integrated circuits optimizes power and thermal integrity separately and uses steadystate thermal analysis. This paper presents the first in-depth study on simultaneous power and thermal integrity driven viastapling in 3D design. The transient temperature and supply voltage violations are calculated by a structured(More)
The existing work on via allocation in 3D ICs ignores power/ground vias' ability to simultaneously reduce voltage bounce and remove heat. This article develops the first in-depth study on the allocation of power/ground vias in 3D ICs with simultaneous consideration of power and thermal integrity. By identifying principal ports and parameters, effective(More)
The principal protein component of the elastic fiber found in elastic tissues is elastin, an amorphous, cross-linked biopolymer that is assembled from a high molecular weight monomer. The hydrophobic and cross-linking domains of elastin have been considered separate and independent, such that changes to one region are not thought to affect the other.(More)
Memory problems that interfere with everyday living are frequently reported in children who have sustained acquired brain injury (ABI), but their nature and rehabilitation is under-researched. This study aimed to (1) determine neuropsychological correlates of everyday memory deficits in children with ABI, and (2) investigate the effectiveness of a newly(More)
  • Susanna Gallani, Eric J. Marinich, +7 authors Joan Luft
  • 2016
We study three common types of budgeting that differ in employees’ influence over their approved budgets. These include affirmative budgeting where employees have full influence, consultative budgeting where employees have moderate influence, and authoritative budgeting where employees have low influence on their approved budgets. We argue that when(More)
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