Joanna Harrison

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The prison population is a community in need of care (HM Inspector of Prisons 2006). Young people are among the most prolific self-harmers in the prison system, and, according to the Howard League (1999), they are more than twice as likely to self-harm as their adult counterparts. HM Prison Service (2002b) found that 24% of all recorded self-injury was by(More)
Direct measurement ofthe metabolic changes in the intracellular carbohydrate ofyeast has usually been restricted to the determination oftotal hydrolysable carbohydrate, that is to say, ofreducing power after acid hydrolysis of a cell suspension. The work of Pickett & Clifton (1943), or of Fales & Baumberger (1948), exemplifies this technique applied(More)
This study used molecular data (mitochondrial 16s and COI) for the first time to explore evolutionary relationships among species of the pinnotherid crab genus Austinixa. Low levels of phylogenetic signal were detected for COI. High levels of phylogenetic signal were detected for 16s, indicating it is a more useful marker for inferring species level(More)
The aim of this literature review is to explore stigma as experienced by individuals with mental health problems, focusing primarily on schizophrenia. The concept of stigma has been examined. Service users' reports of their experiences of stigma have been outlined. The role of the media, public perceptions and the role of the nurses and mental health(More)
Escherichia coli is a host widely used in the industrial production of recombinant proteins. However, the expression of heterologous proteins in E. coli often encounters the formation of inclusion bodies, which are insoluble and nonfunctional protein aggregates. For the successful production of antibody fragments, which includes single-chain variable(More)
Fed-batch fermentation for production of a single-chain Fv antibody fragment (scFv) expressed as a recombinant periplastic protein from Escherichia coli was investigated. A high cell density of 50 g dry cell weight per liter was routinely achieved in a 14-L vessel by controlled exponential feeding of glucose to impose a constant specific growth rate.(More)
The effect of shear on the antigen binding activity of a recombinant scFv antibody fragment was investigated in the presence of air-liquid interfaces using a stirred vessel that was incompletely filled. Changes in binding activity of the scFv to its antigen were monitored using an optical biosensor which had been sensitized with hen egg lysozyme (the(More)
We explored health professionals' views of implementing a systematic voiding program (SVP) in a multi-site qualitative process evaluation in stroke services recruited to the intervention arms of a cluster randomized controlled feasibility trial during 2011-2013. We conducted semi-structured group or individual interviews with 38 purposively selected(More)