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Recent standardization and specification efforts in the area of learning technology (Friesen, 2005) have resulted in a considerable improvement in the interoperability of learning resources across different Learning Management Systems (LMS) and Learning Object Repositories (LOR). Examples are the ADL SCORM and IMS Learning Design specifications, which(More)
Modern businesses operate in a rapidly changing environment. Continuous learning is an essential ingredient in order to stay competitive in such environments. The APOSDLE system utilizes semantic web technologies to create a generic system for supporting knowledge workers in different domains to learn@work. Since APOSDLE relies on three interconnected(More)
Training management in a company may benefit of a better integration with competence management outcomes. This paper is about an initial exploration of this proposal. It proposes a specific approach to support the indexing and retrieval of training courses with regard to the professions' target competences. This approach is grounded on Learning Object(More)
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