Joanna Gell

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This letter presents an experimental investigation into the effect of a surface-acoustic-wave SAW on the emission of a single InAs quantum dot. The SAW causes the energy of the transitions within the dot to oscillate at the frequency of the SAW, producing a characteristic broadening of the emission lines in their time-averaged spectra. This periodic tuning(More)
The signaling pathways leading to the development of asbestos-associated diseases are poorly understood. Here we used normal and protein kinase C (PKC)-delta knockout (PKCdelta-/-) mice to demonstrate multiple roles of PKC-delta in the development of cell proliferation and inflammation after inhalation of chrysotile asbestos. At 3 days, asbestos-induced(More)
Adolescent brothers were diagnosed with testicular germ cell tumors within the same month. Both were found to have multiple renal cysts on pretreatment imaging done for staging. The proband, his brother, and their mother, were all found to have a novel splice variant in intron 8 of the PKD1 gene by clinical exome sequencing. This is the second family(More)
To investigate the role of bronchiolar epithelial NF-kappaB activity in the development of inflammation and fibrogenesis in a murine model of asbestos inhalation, we used transgenic (Tg) mice expressing an IkappaBalpha mutant (IkappaBalphasr) resistant to phosphorylation-induced degradation and targeted to bronchial epithelium using the CC10 promoter. Sham(More)
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