Joanna E Hughes

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BACKGROUND Hematogenous Candida meningoencephalitis (HCME) is a relatively frequent manifestation of disseminated candidiasis in neonates and is associated with significant mortality and neurodevelopmental abnormalities. The outcome after antifungal therapy is often suboptimal, with few therapeutic options. Limited clinical data suggest that echinocandins(More)
AIMS This paper investigates the diversity of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH)-degrading mycobacterium isolates from three different sites within United States: Montana, Texas and Indiana. METHODS AND RESULTS All five mycobacterium isolates differed in chromosomal restriction enzyme-fragmentation patterns; three isolates possessed linear plasmids.(More)
The organic arsenical herbicide, MSMA, is used extensively for weed control along highway rights of way. Residues of the herbicide in edible crops growing near roadsides are of health concern since these products are accessible year round for harvesting by the unsuspecting public. This study examined the uptake and concentration of MSMA in the fruit of the(More)
AIMS To characterise the genotypes of penicillin resistant Streptococcus pneumoniae infecting patients in a care of the elderly ward and to study its transmission in a hospital environment. METHODS Isolates of S pneumoniae were cultured from specimens obtained from patients who had been admitted to a care of the elderly ward where an outbreak had(More)
Biotransformation is an important parameter in assessing the environmental impact and fate of pesticides since metabolites produced may be either more or less toxic than the parent compound. Sodium arsenate (+5 inorganic), the wood preservative and insecticide, may be converted to both inorganic (+3) and organic compounds (-3) by microorganisms in soil,(More)
This paper describes the modification of a commercially available rapid slide screening test(1) for anti-streptolysin O to give quantitative results. The modified technique is compared with the long-established haemolytic technique of Rantz and Randall (1945). The quantitative results for both techniques are shown to be comparable. The modified slide test(More)
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