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African-American female adolescents living in urban environments are at risk for adverse adjustment outcomes, and thus it is imperative to identify protective factors. Religion has been found to be a significant protective resource against many types of maladaptive adjustment outcomes among adolescent samples. The present study accomplishes the following:(More)
Over a 4-year period 185 cases of pulmonary tuberculosis in children were confirmed by culture of Mycobacterium tuberculosis, usually from gastric aspirate. The majority of cases occurred in boys (62%) and the younger age groups were more commonly affected--26% of patients were less than 1 year old and 65% less than 3 years of age. At the time of(More)
Exploration of the space around us is a fundamental part of human behaviour. When it breaks down there is an important opportunity to understand its underlying mechanisms. Here we show that many right-hemisphere patients with left neglect re-explore rightward locations, failing to keep track of them during search. Importantly, such re-exploration occurred(More)
BACKGROUND Noninvasive cortical stimulation could represent an add-on treatment to enhance motor recovery after stroke. However, its clinical value, including anticipated size and duration of the treatment effects, remains largely unknown. OBJECTIVE The authors designed a small semi-randomized clinical trial to explore whether long-lasting clinically(More)
A 50 year old woman developed progressive encephalomyelitis with rigidity over a three year period. Her CSF contained oligoclonal bands and both her serum and CSF contained antibodies directed against GABA-ergic synapses (antiglutamic acid decarboxylase [corrected] antibodies). These antibodies have recently been described in cases of stiff man syndrome.(More)
HIV is impacting African-American women at alarming rates. Many of these women are poor and socially disadvantaged, resulting in a combination of stressors that impacts the quality of their lives. This study investigated whether coping style (i.e., problem-focused, emotion-focused) varies as a function of HIV status or stage of HIV-related illness.(More)
Extracranial carotid occlusive disease can be evaluated with either intravenous (IV) digital subtraction angiography (DSA) or standard angiography. In a prospective study, complications related to 500 IV DSA examinations occurred in 16.6% of patients, including local complications in 2.0%, systemic complications in 15.0%, and neurologic complications in(More)
Four cases of pulmonary leiomyosarcoma are presented. The characteristic histological features are described with specific reference to the criteria of malignancy. It is suggested that diagnosis by bronchoscopy provides insufficient material for histological grading and open lung biopsy is the diagnostic tool of choice. The available methods of treatment(More)